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Name:Versha Narumi
Versha Narumi is an ice goddess from another universe. She is dead in this one. (Mun apologises in advance for the muse's bad behaviour.)

In her reality, Solus Kaelen rules her world. He has allowed her to live, but under his influence - and cruelty - Versha is completely insane. Not the raving, psychotic kind of insane - well, not all the time - more often she's closer to the fanatical zealot kind of crazy, in that she's completely cowed and awed by Solus.

She also has no sense of humour whatsoever. If Versha laughs, it's because she's causing suffering.

Versha's gift is that of ice. Yes, she has the abilities one would expect of an ice goddess, being able to freeze tracts of land, or any given object, or even someone's heart as it beats in their chest. But what else does ice do?

It reflects.

Versha is a mirror. She can take on someone else's abilities and mimic them. Much of the time, she's an amplifier too... capable of turning someone's abilities back on them, only that little bit more powerful.

It depends on the power of the person she's reflecting, however. She can't amplify the powers of a higher god, she can only reflect them. Hence she's been enslaved to Solus Kaelen for several centuries.

Don't feel too sorry for her. She was an indescribably selfish bitch before that ever happened.

Versha and her twin, Vahlmir Ravenhead, are unique among the Keldran gods for being born from the same birthsphere. They are not true brother and sister by blood.

Even inside this unusual womb, she was able to reflect her brothers hidden powers and inveigle herself into his mind. Into his very being. For all of Vahlmir's life she controlled him, becoming so much a part of him that neither of them really understood where he ended and where she began.

Versha is obsessive about her brother. Her version of him is dead, and she wants the one in this universe.

The Vahlmir Ravenhead of this universe is finally free of her. 'His' Versha died in the Hell War.

But now she's here with her lord and master. Ready to take control again, if she gets half the chance.

((PB is Alek Alexeyeva, to whom the mun has no affiliation. This journal is just for pretendy funteims. The character Versha Narumi and her world are the property of the mun.))

Mun and muse both well over 21.
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